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Blue Wave Blast Out® Shock Treatment

Strongest Startup Shock Available!

Blue Wave Blast Out® Shock Treatment

$21.95 to $78.95


Compare to Sock It™, Burn Out®, Sun Burn®, Super-Chlorinator® and Power Powder®. With 65% available chlorine, this powerful shock offers a quick chlorine boost at an economical price to zap organic pollutants, bacteria and algae. Perfect for spring start-up! Calcium Hypochlorite active ingredient. Must be pre-mixed prior to treatment to avoid bleaching vinyl liners.

Dosage: 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons.

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Order Chart

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Order No.   Description Sale Price Quantity  
NY399Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 6 x 1 lb. bag

Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 6 x 1 lb. bag

$ 21.95
NY400Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 12 x 1 lb. bag

Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 12 x 1 lb. bag

$ 39.95
NY402Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 24 x 1lb bag

Blast-Out (Cal-Hypo) 24 x 1lb bag

$ 78.95