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Blue Wave Black Zapper® Algaecide

Powerful Black Algae Killer

$17.95 to $66.95


Stop black algae from attacking your pool. This powerful algaecide has been formulated specifically to kill and prevent tough black algae strains. Super concentrated formula is non-clouding and low-foaming. Buy 4 quarts and save!

Maintenance dosage: 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons

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Order No.   Description Sale Price Quantity  
NY100Black Zapper<span class=regtrademark>&reg;</span> 1 qt.

Black Zapper® 1 qt.

$ 17.95
NY100-4Black Zapper<span class=regtrademark>&reg;</span> 4 x 1qt.

Black Zapper® 4 x 1qt.

$ 66.95